February 19, 2013 - 3:14 pm by: Lapo

From catwalks to sidewalks or vice versa, the eponymous power and influence of style and fashion has divulge a current state where layering is not a trend anymore, since it is basically a holly principle of fashion shows, as a valuable asset of street style coverage. A form of art so intricate as it is basic on the path of the so-called best-dressed people in the world.


Fashion booming has made aesthetics proliferate, and the outrageous takes seen on the catwalks, are nothing compared to the street style shaker frenzy.  Suzy Menkes made it clear in her much-buzzed  “The circus of fashion”. Street Style (tycoons) are sort of a bunch of “clowns” that dress up weirdly, and play the circus for spectators to entertain:  no matter how much you disagree, the woman is right, the number of people with an input is very little. Throwing on luxury goods where the flamboyant, are the merrier, stylish ones have redemption as citizens of the world, with huge amounts of images, a vernacular influence found in multiculturalism and brands that lend the most magnificent pieces to the most famous ones for them to show off while fashion weeks, that or it is all about the effortless that have develop a real sense of style and stick to it without calling for attention (at least not in purpose) Even Menkes is out of question with her fringe up as a roller. In the end it is publicity at its best, and it is a big messed up envision that mix genuine style and showoffs in the same pot, for a formula that everybody needs if they want to make it: exposition


Anyone can recall, a non fashion devoted arguing about nonsense looks in a catwalk, from head pieces to humongous coats or weird makeup, people ask out loud, Who would wear that?,  They laugh about fashion, and they will laugh about you wearing it. For some it is divine, for most of the world it is a comedy.


“It is something that can make people really nervous”, in words of the highest editor at the first (documentary) attempt of digging into the editorial world of the fashion bible: because fashion is a force that detriments your perception on how below you are in  the world ladder of beautiful people, stepping in wonderful shoes, breath taking attires and strong personalities that could punch you in the face and might run all over your insecurities in the snap of a finger. Also there is the fact of looking good and the ambivalence of being dumb, a judgment placed on successful, wealthy or naturally stylish that actually like to surround with beautiful things. Then what else is to do, if you are out of this blessed group but to mock about fashion and even real sense of style, you could do that or you can fake it to be part of the hip crowd? That is where it takes place: you becoming someone because of your chit chat and over stylized looks, or you becoming someone because you really have a point of view, some knowledge to share, a sense of the world, of what’s happening… Of realness.


In Colombia sort of the same happens, we have our own clowns: overproduced bloggers at events, to much makeup, weird assembles, public figures that give terrible fashion tips through their Facebook pages, people have the courage to put on images and collages of their mismatched selections, like if they dress beautifully, when they look really bad in most of the cases, but still they have influence. It’s the new era, but as aka The Man Repeller, one of the bloggers bringing some thought around fashion in the world puts it, in the evolution of this matter, as in everything else, laws of Darwinism will take place, and only the fitted will survive.


Whether is real or conspicuously calling for some flash attention, there is room for everyone, but as in music although everybody can sing the same song…   Not every singer has the same voice. You figure it out…

Fotos por: Tommy Ton for Style.com