January 6, 2014 - 9:59 pm by: Lapo

Never right or wrong, why do people think there is such thing as “good style”?, undeniably, if in purpose, one dresses up in wonderful clothes and high end brands, the overall look will be good… to an extended point. Then there are those types of people that actually can’t look good even though trying their hardest and awaiting their day of financial death to come (or not). This makes you think that wearing expensive and luxurious pieces all over you will definitely won’t make you look the best: so more or less one has to wear those pieces, so those pieces wont wear you…out. Seen like this “good style is instinct”.


Far from beauty and upper/lower class discussions, there is something people lack in great amount. GRACE: the matter of being one self, of being so purely self possessed that you actually don’t give a fuck about others. It is in that state where people develop their own mannerisms, our own persona comes when we crave difference. I have always say that style is in someone’s “aura” it is in the air that surrounds you, in the way you generally, talk, walk and behave.


Therefore style is everywhere, not being simply a matter of clothes, style is in everyone, from a  butcher to a king, and it is constructed from believes, manners, events and a lifetime itself. It it’s a celebration of who we are and it’s the purest form of communication that reinforces  in those things we wear and all those we recognize within.


From a preppy approach to contestatory rebels  “high end (wannabe)/punk/minimalistic” approaches lead the market that means buying fast fashion, looking trashy or wearing voluminous and very clean cut pieces. Why not decisively be: rap/trashy/glam?  For local instances, the most advanced societies happen to have a wider spectrum of combinations and a real sense that celebrates difference, and right there style might not be measured by what you wear but  by how you wear it: “Cause everyone could have the same t shirt, or blazer but if you roll up your sleeves unlike the rest, or tie it up, cut it or paint it, add pins to it or mix it with unexpected textures, patterns, shapes and colors… Well you will definitely will step aside from the majority looking alike-  So be bold and be amazing! Trust me child”